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Better File RenameBetter File Rename is best software available on the market to rename a group of files and folders. With this software, you can rename and organize your data in a fast and flexible way. Just do your desired settings and then rename thousands of files with just a few simple clicks just as you like! For example, you might want to add or remove a character from your file or folder names. Usually, you need to do this individually on all your files, But with Better File Rename Serial Key, you’ll have access to a variety of simple ways to change your filenames. Better File Rename is the most complete file name change in the market. You get an industrial power tool that is fast, flexible, reliable, and easy to use. That is why since 1999, thousands of fans, professionals and companies have relied on Better File Rename to organize and maintain their archives. This is the favorite name change tool for many ambitious and professional amateur photographers, and over time an impressive variety of features dedicated to processing serial numbers has grown (create serial number lists, add serial numbers, insert and install with 0 seconds, etc.) and add Shoot dates and times to the names of the photos. For example, you can replace a special string anywhere in the file name, at the beginning or end, replace extensions or letters, insert a special string anywhere in the name, convert to lower case, uppercase or appropriate characters, remove specific characters, Peel the vowels or even remove the extension completely. Although this program triggers simplicity, it can be very mysterious for some users. Better File Rename is one of the powerful improvements in Windows Explorer that makes the arduous and laborious task of renaming multiple files and digital photos in seconds. Main features: comprehensive name change procedures: add, delete, insert and replace text, dates, sequence numbers, etc. Extensive support for numbered lists (create, change, add, replace, etc.) Extensive support for dates (creation and modification dates of files, dates of EXIF ​​images, etc.) Full preview as you type a name and an extension.

Better File Rename Key Features:

  • Add, delete, insert and replace characters and text
  • Add, format, change, and insert sequence numbers and create lists of sequence numbers.
  • Add the date and time of the file to start and end, change the name to the date.
  • Replace file and folder extensions
  • Make uppercase or lowercase, uppercase or lowercase
  • Create an alphabet to save space
  • Truncate, eliminate vowels, invert, alternate
  • And a lot of lot more.

Better File Rename windows

Better File Rename latest version

  • You can use Better File Rename as a standalone application that drags and drop files into your application
    Icon or directly in the preview window.
  • Alternatively, you can use it directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the files and selecting the menu item “Rename File …”.
  • View the results of the name change options as you type or change the parameters.
  • The instant preview makes it easy to find the right settings and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Separate processing of file names and file extensions
  • Processing of files, folders, and subfolders (“frequently”)
  • Choose to confirm each file name or batch processing automatically
  • You can combine several name change actions in a multi-step name change process. This allows you to perform functions for renaming more complex batches on a route.
  • Better File Rename allows you to create as many renaming steps as you want and allows you to edit and organize them as you wish.
  • Better File Rename is the favorite name change tool for many professional and ambitious amateur photographers, and over time an impressive variety of features dedicated to processing serial numbers has grown (create lists of sequence numbers, add and insert sequence numbers with 0 seconds, etc.) and add Shoot dates and times to the names of the photos.
  • In these operations, you can take advantage of the date and time of obtaining images extracted from the industry-standard EXIF ​​digital camera metadata stored in JPEG, CR2 or NEF images.
  • Music lovers will be delighted with the MP3 / AAC name change feature that allows you to take advantage of the ID3 metadata included in most music files to create your own naming schemes to collect your music. – The metadata information of MP3, M4P, MP4, M4A, and iTunes music storage files is supported.
  • Save the repeated name change options in separate “drop” applications. Drag and drop files and folders into these drops to apply the stored settings. This allows you to automate the name change part of your workflow.
  • For those who need more advanced functions, we offer alternative support for replacing expressions. This advanced chain processing technology was popular with UNIX and PERL professionals. Certainly not for the faint of heart, regular expressions are an excellent tool for finding, replacing and exchanging text fragments.

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