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Core TempCore Temp is a compact, no fuss, little impact, yet robust system to monitor processor heat and other information that is critical. Exactly what makes Core Temp unique may be the real means it works. It is capable of displaying a temperature of each core that is specific to a processor in your system. You can see weather fluctuations in real time with varying workloads. Core Temp is also motherboard agnostic. Intel and AMD recently published detailed, general information that is general public the “DTS” (Digital Thermal Sensor), which supplies greater precision and more appropriate heat reading compared to standard thermal diode sensors do.

Core Temp windowsCore Temp Key Features:

Classical user and system software tray indicators:

  • The interface does not contain elements that are attractive in the full case of the system monitoring tool; it doesn’t need to. Core Temp 1.6 Crack wrapped inside a window that is little shows the process information and temperature readings, enabling users to select a favored core that is CPU.
  • It also creates icons within the taskbar notifications area for each core to show its real-time heat; they’ve been intuitively color-coded to quickly determine the security that is present temp that is concerning by just glancing into the bottom right part regarding the screen, with all the possibility to tweak font and colors used.

Examine processor information and temperature readings:

  • You can expect to discover the model out, platform, regularity, modification and CPU ID, coupled with low, high and load temp for every core that is single too as adjust the temp offsets for each key or apply the setting to them all.

Schedule notifications, app launches, and Computer shutdown:

  • Furthermore, it’s possible to enable balloon popups while making Core Temp 1.6 Free Download flash in the taskbar, routine application to start (EXE or BAT), as well as program the computer to rest, hibernate or power off (with or straight away) on temperature overheating. All of these settings could restore to default.

Enable overheat protection with automatic or settings which can be custom:

  • Core Temp Latest can automatically avoid overheating by taking into accounts its settings that are optimized it can show notifications only if the temperature that matters reached. Instead, you’re able to activate this protection module when the temp surpasses a value that is user-defined.

 Other tools and settings:

  • You will see system information gathered by Core Temp, reset the high and temp that is low, produce a dump with all processor data and export it up to a text that is simple for closer examination and contrast with future landfills, along with have a screenshot linked with central framework and conserve it up to a PNG image for the purposes that are same. Core Temp’s screen might be set to keep as well as other structures.

What’s New in Version?

  • The variation that is new a graph view, listing processor load or temperature also memory utilization.The readings are now color coded, and they have been user adjustable from the Alternatives display screen. The gadget can resize plus the information text above the readings can hide if so desired among these improvements.

Core Temp latest versionFixed:

  •     Coach clock detection on Apollo Lake processors.
  •     Runaway memory leak on some machines.
  •     Regular ‘to TjMax’ appearing on some cores on Intel processors. Improved, hopefully, fixed.


  •     Subversion will now be shown in the name and About dialog if it is not 0.

Known Problem:

  • Some systems Windows that is running ten may still have motorist load failure.

System Requirements:

  • It is compatible with Windows


  • AMD, Intel or VIA x86 based processor.

Installation Guide

  •     Just Download Core Temp 1.6 from link given below
  •     Run it and complete the installation as usually
  •     You have Done
  •     Enjoy


Core Temp is a software that advanced with a clear-cut purpose: it monitors the temperature associated because of the computer’s Central Processing Unit cores and can immediately power the Computer off if it gets too much, to be able to protect the hardware by preventing overheating. It surely is primarily oriented toward powerPC users not too difficult to be determined by the fewer people that are skilled.

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