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Hasher ProHasher Pro is one of the most efficient as well as widely used Hashing utility all over the. This posses the most powerful tools, amazing features as well as exceptional techniques that makes it an ideal  utility for not only verifying integrity of files but also using a wide range of supported algorithms that may include  MD5, SHA1, SHA256, CRC32, MD2, MD4, RipeMD160, ED2K, SHA512, RipeMD128. Thus, al of the given files that have once been processed are then passed onto the next step that is making them ready for exporting them to a number of different verification file formats that may further include SHA1SUM, SFV, MD5SUM. This app allows the users to generate more than just one hash types all at the same time for one file at a time. All of the features making this app’s interface really user friendly allows all the tasks to be performed very easily following a very simple set of instructions. These come in real handy especially when it comes to the functions related to the file comparison in which it allows functions such as holding SHIFT to compare to next file or CTRL to compare two files, will make this task a breeze. The most important function of this app is when it comes to sharing the processed files over the internet or directly because in either case, the user requires to not only verify the integrity of the files but also to ensure that the transmitted documents are identical to the source files. Moreover, Hasher Lite is a powerful utility, designed to help you verify the checksums of various files using a large amount of supported algorithms.

Hasher Pro Key Features:

Export file information:

  • The file that has been opened recently can export its information by this app. Besides, all that the user needs to is to select a checkum value of interest and then have the program copy the relevant data to the clipboard.

Hasher Pro windows

Hasher Pro latest versionBatch process files:

  • This most prominent feature is the multiple processing of files that allows not only the individual files to get processed at a tine but also a complete directory at once if required.

Compare analyzed files:

  • All the files once processed are then compared with one another to make sure that they are not identical to one another. New version can compare the currently loaded file with another of your choice, as well as the next two files in the processing queue.

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