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Realtime Soft UltraMonUltraMon Multi monitor utility which offers seven tools to improve your experience that is multi-monitor with a large number of configurable settings, UltraMon includes features being rich assisting users to enhance their experience when dealing with numerous monitors. It is very light in the operating system resources, using an amount that is low of and RAM. It is a reaction that is good and applies changes rapidly. No errors popped up in our tests, and the tool did not hang or crash. Many thanks to its array that is wide of, advanced users should be pleased about UltraMon. You’re able to choose the mode that resizes proportional, to suit), merely take taskbars into account when creating the most of the windows towards the desktop, along with enabling the choice to go windows which are maximized moving them with the mouse. UltraMon Registration Code provides a custom Display Settings applet with support for configuring a whole lot significantly more than ten monitors. It is possible to quickly set even sizeable degrees of monitors use that is making of included monitor arrangement tools. It enables you to shortcut that is disabled, alter settings for the application where a function that is multi-monitor not work correctly, filter arbitrary menu commands you want to make use of, as well as ignore enabled monitors. These are just a parameters that are few through the system.

Realtime Soft UltraMon Key Features:

Window management:

  • Quickly go windows between monitors or optimize a screen to your desktop making use of the screen that is additionally added by UltraMon.

Taskbar Extensions / Smart Taskbar:

  • On Windows and later UltraMon extends the taskbar that is integral is multi-monitor additional features. Windows 7 and earlier a taskbar gets put into each monitor that is additional, and every taskbar just shows tasks through the monitor it is on. This will make managing a lot of available applications much easier when activating an application; you’ll understand on which monitor it shall appear.

Desktop wallpaper:

  • UltraMon wallpaper manager adds the ability to use an image that is various each monitor, or stretch an image that is single the desktop.


  • Some display screen savers only run utilizing the monitor that is primary. UltraMon can blank the monitors that are secondary display saver is running, or display that is extra on secondary monitors.


  • Mirror the monitor that is primarily a real quantity of additional monitors, for instance whenever carrying out a presentation. Or reflect just an application that is solitary a monitor that is secondary. A feature that is the support that is different exclusive resolutions, the origin monitor can run at an increased resolution than the mirror monitor. You Can Also Download IBM SPSS 25 Crack Full FREE

Realtime Soft UltraMon windows

Realtime Soft UltraMon latest versionApplication positioning:

  • Utilize the UltraMon tabs included with a shortcut’s properties to set an application’s position or use the display that is customized whenever the application form is running.

Show profiles:

  • With display profiles, you can quickly replace the settings of several monitors. A screen could develop your profile that gets applied when logging in, especially helpful whenever the computer can be utilized by several individuals, rather than everybody wants to use the display that is same.

Additional Benefits

Preserve position of desktop icons

  • By the body configuration, you may feel the issue that is nagging desktop icons do not remain where you put them after restarting the equipment. UltraMon fixes this problem by the instantly desktop that is restoring with their positions that are previous UltraMon begins.

Replace the monitor that is primary

  • Allows you to change the monitor that is mainly the UltraMon menu quickly.

Personalized Display Characteristics applet

  • An, even more, the replacement that is beneficial Display characteristics with support for the quickly changing rate that is refresh disabling/enabling additional monitors. Also supports placement that is exact of by entering coordinates straight. More than ten monitors could be configured, unlike Windows Display Properties.

Disable or monitors that are enabled can be secondary

  • You’ll quickly disable or allow monitors which are secondary the UltraMon menu or with a hotkey. Whenever re-enabling monitors that are additional windows are moved back again to their jobs being original.

Whats New In UltraMon?

  • Fixed Issues
  • Known Dilemmas

Improved support for Windows:

  • UltraMon screen buttons now match the design associated with window that is native
  • Applications that are maximizing the desktop works precisely on systems with different DPI settings for each monitor
  • Compatibility settings could configure for UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps such as Calculator, Sticky Notes or films & television
  • Taskbar extensions such as removing the commencement button or hiding a taskbar work properly
  • COM objects utilized by scripts have better help for UWP apps, for example, Window.GetAppWindows no further includes dummy UWP windows and Window.processes returns the executable that is real UWP apps instead of the host application (ApplicationFrameHost.exe for instance).

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